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At present day, Coolie peoples have migated to The U.S.A., Canada, The U.K. etc.
In one of the most diverse and multicultural cities in the world, Coolies, especially Guyanese have made their mark. This city is none other that NYC. A small town in Queens, NYC called Richmond Hill is home to over 1.5 million Guyanese +. Coolies have invested in buisnesses along Liberty Avenue making it a pure coolie neighboorhood. Many people say it is "Little Guyana" but the truth is that it is bigger Guyana!! In Richmond Hill alone their are more Guyanese than there is in Guyana!
Coolie people have also left their marks or are beggining to leave their marks in other parts of The U.S., such as Clermont and Okala, Florida.
In addition Coolies have also created major buisnesses in Toronto, Canada, especially in Etobicoke and Scarbourough. Also in various parts of England and throughout The U.K.