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Bara: A small snack made of a fried substance containing chick peas

Buss-Up-Shot: (Trini) A roti made in various pieces

Baccanal: Big Party

Bamsee: Butt

Boon Jay: (Guyanese) To mix dhaal and curry together and eat w/ rice or roti

Babla and Kanchan: dem dudez from india that learn fuh sing coolie style. dem been remake a bunch a dem coolie folk songz

baboo ( bah-boo): father. and also according 2 diz mad jamaican gyal iz a word fuh us cooliez in jamaica 2.

back dam (back damn): thatz like farm country in guyana

Buxton: the black part of Guyana

Bett: used to say child ("Bett how ya do?")

backoo (bak-oo): small animal that makes alot of noise. used most commonly in referring to babies with big mouths

backtrack (bak-trak): how over 3/4 of us coolie pplz ended up here in the U.S.=the act of entering and staying in a country illegally.

bade: to shower or bathe

bad eye someone (bad-eye som-one): this iz like when yuh doez wish bad pon sumtin

booboo: when u arise from a long rest, the green stuff in the corners on your eyes 

baigan (bai-gan): an eggplant in its uncooked state (iz also what i think a certain gyal that lookz like a teddy bear lookz like, diz iz private, so na bother wid am if u na undastand)

baiya (bai-ya): ur brother

bajee (bah-jee): spinach

Bake and salfish (bake-n -sal-fish): diz bready ting u doez usually got in one triangular shape that u doez eat wid cod (thatz salfish) wid tomato, onion and garlic and ting. Andf o me gaad--dis bake does fry!

balanjay (bah-lan-jay): an eggplant in itz cooked state. u kno how dem doez put am in one foil wrap and doez cook up on da fire.

Balay (bay-lay): when u doez use the rolling pin (belna) on something

banga mary (ban-ga-mary): one type of fish abedeze got in guyana

bangles (ban-gulz): u kno dem big round tingz dem gyal doez got pon dem hand. Aye guyz just get ready fuh when dem gyal dem make u buy dem some.

Basmati rice (bas-ma-tea-rice): u kno da rice dem indian pplz doez got in dem moviez that u doez got fuh put gogglez on 2 look at, yeah that. thatz a great add, look out our rice will blind yuhz. dem need a lil betta marketing dehz. but those commercialz are alwayz quite entertaning. and denz yuh got that basmati song, yuh kno how it goez: diz gyal name basmati, she come from be be, she na wan fuh dance now, she gone and get away, basmati dance gyal. dance down 2 the ground, hold on2 u gangli, and spin it all around

batie (bah-tee): u backside

batie-man (bah-tee-man): a fag

belly work (beh-lee-wok): diarrhea

belna (bell-na) : a rolling pin

berbice (ber-bees): diz a one county in guyana

berbice mad house (ber-bees-mad-house): diz a whe abedeze would keep mad pplz like me in guyana

bhajan (bah-jan): dem songz abedeze hindu pplz doez be singing a temple

bindi (bin-dee): diz ting like one tikka but sticky

black bush (black-bush): this other thing that like farm country]

bladda (blad-da): a balloon

bodee (bode-ee): according 2 one guyanese gyal diz hea iz how triniz doez say bora

bora (bore-a): one of dem green ting u mumma doez make u eat

bouji (bow-jee): ur brother'z wife

box (box): to beat up

broadsiding (broad-sid-ing): iz when yuh doez tek the flat side of a cutlass and doez knock somebody wid am.

broke-up english (bruk-up-en-glish): da language only abedeze true cooliez can talk

buck man (buck-man): an amerindian

butta-fly: term commonly used for females private part

bohorya: daughter-in-law

buckta (buk-ta): underwear

buddy (buh-dee): this iz what u should call ur eldest brother.

Burnham (burn-am): that dude that waz president of guyana (who was like a dictator)that been ban all ting in guyana. O mee gad wen dis man dead if u hear music wa bin a go on a Starbroek Market!! Me know by me been a dance ranga-barse and dat is how me meet me wife!!!


Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham
1923 - 1985

Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham was born in Kitty, British Guiana on the 20th of February, 1923. He was the son of Methodist parents, James Ethelbert Burnham and Rachel Abigail Sampson. Burnham had two marriages in his life, which produced five daughters. The first was to Sheila Bernice Lataste, in 1951. Roxane, Annabelle, and Francesca were the fruits of that union. The second, in 1967, was to Viola Victorine Harper who bore him Melanie and Ulele.

Forbes Burnham Burnham attended Kitty Methodist School for his primary education and Central High School for his secondary. His higher education consisted of Queens College in Guyana and the University of London in England. In 1947, he received his law degree from the University of London. He
had many distinguishing honors in his life including the Order of Excellence of Guyana.

Burnham played a major role in establishing both major political parties in Guyana. In 1950, he and Dr. Cheddi Jagan co-founded the People’s Progressive Party (PPP). Five years later, he split from the PPP to form a more "moderate" party called the People’s National Congress (PNC). He was the Prime Minister of Guyana from 1964 until he became President in 1980. He held the office of the presidency until his death in 1985.

Until 1970, the country was ruled in moderation, looking to foreign investors and staying away from socialism. However, from 1970, his government declared the country a "Cooperative Republic", established relations with communist countries, and nationalized foreign owned bauxite mines and sugar plantations. These policies eventually led to Guyana’s economic stagnation in the 80’s.

Burnham, the first president of Guyana, led his country for twenty-one years. He died on August 6, 1985, at the age of 62. He was undergoing a throat operation in a hospital in Georgetown. He was a major player in Guyana's political arena.